Zomfi Play to Earn Game Review, Price Listing, Rewards and Roadmap

Zomfi Play to Earn game is an online game that works on the BSC blockchain network if you love an action shooter game or play FPS games like Call of Duty.

You will roam through a zombie apocalypse as the player, collecting powerful gears to fend off zombies.

To play the Zomfi Play to earn game, you will need digital tokens to buy gears and move to other levels in the game. 

Zomfi Play to Earn is quite different from other blockchain games. Unlike others, you will navigate an actual city which makes gameplay exciting and fun while earning rewards.

Logan in Zomfi

According to the Zomfi game creators, Laura and Logan are the two protagonists who play to survive in the chaos in the city.

Laura or Logan must scavenge the abandoned city to find gears, otherwise known as loadouts, to protect themselves against zombies. 

Zomfi is a 3D gameplay built based on one of the most genres of zombies using blockchain.

ZOMFI Play to Earn Requirments

To play these games, you must satisfy the following requirements. You will have access to gears available in their marketplace, which I will talk about shortly.

A MetaMask Wallet

Zomfi Play to Earn game requires that you buy $ZOMFI tokens to play, which is possible with the help of your wallet.

Once you begin playing, you will earn zomfi in-game currency called Zed.

It is pretty simple to own Zomfi Token. You can purchase some BSC, store them in your Metamask wallet, and then swap for the $ZOMFI Token using pancakes was. Finance.

Below is a contract address you can use: 0xB1a05D0EE3c8d936F70b77318A348c0dE2F8a396

Once you have the Token, you can log in to the Zomfi website and log in with your MetaMask Wallet.

 Then when you are ready to start playing, you will use the Token to buy your desired gears. 

Earning NFT Rewards While Playing Zomfi

As you play the ZOMFI game, you tend to win some high-value NFT tokens if you continue playing the game after you reach the main achievement. 

Say your mission is to secure a ball, and you get hold of the ball and decide to play further, you are likely to earn NFT rewards. These rewards can then be sold in their market Place.

There are three High-Value NFTs on Zomfi.

  • Just A shotgun
  • Hi-Powered Handgun
  • AR-Anywhere

Zomfi P2E Characters and Upgrades

Tier Zone and Level System
Tier Zone and Level System

Just like any other game, as you advance in levels, you will need to upgrade your character so that you can fend off your enemies. 

Zomfi has different levels, and players can level up and earn rewards for each 10-level advancement. 

The higher your character is upgraded, the higher your Exp rewards. 

Characters upgrades are from level 1 to 100: the more robust your character, the more chances to win more rewards.


ZOMFI Game Zones

Throughout the zomfi gameplay, there will be 5 Tiers of zones at the start of the game. 

Tier Zone and Level System

As you advance by every 10 Levels, your character will be able to move to a new zone. 

Also, as you move the tier zones, you get higher gears/armors, and you will earn more rewards.

Gear or Weapon Rarity

Zumfi Gear Rarity
Zumbi Gear Rarity

Suppose you are familiar with an FPS game like PUBG or COD Mobile. In that case, you will notice that some weapons have more severe damages than average weapons do.

It is the same on Zomfi, the guns available here are ranked based on levels from 

  • Common, 
  • Uncommon 
  • Rare
  • Epic to 
  • Legendary.

Zumfi Gear Rarity

You will have to look inside loot boxes/drops around the city to grab guns. The better your weapon, you should expect fun and an easy gameplay for you. 

The probability of getting a Common weapon is 83.99%, and a Legendary is .01%.

Zomfi P2E Item Drop Rates

After you must have scavenged weapons in the city, you must return to base safely with them or lose all your weapons as soon as you die in the game.

Another thing you must note is that, while in the game, there are a lot of loot boxes around, and while scavenging for good weapons, you may find rare NFTs. 

To ensure that you do not lose those NFTs, you must fight your way back to the base without dying.

Zomfi Crafting System

Crafting System
Crafting System

Not everybody in the game may find a rare NFT because the probability is very low. Crafting is a feature of this game that helps you earn higher rare NFTs when you get a 5X set of NFTs.

Crafting System

If you scavenge 5X common weapons, you get one uncommon, and five uncommon will net you a rare. 

So, as you play and open loot boxes, you craft weapons by getting the same pieces and combining them to get high-tier NFTs.

Zomfi Play to Earn Shop

Just like in familiar games where you can buy upgrades to enhance your gameplay, you can do that on Zomfi with the help of the Zomfi shop. 

You can buy the following boosts or items from the shop using your tokens.

  • Grenades
  • Exp Boost
  • Ammo
  • Medkit
  • Limited Items (Special Discounts)
  • Damage boost and more


The marketplace is where you can exchange all your NFT and interact with other players. 

You can sell your Amors or weapons to players interested in buying and buying some for your own boosting.


  • Token Name: Zomfi
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • List Exchange: Pancake Swap


What is ZOMFI Play to Earn Token?

Zomfi Token is the core utility and primary game reward token for the zomfi project. 

Users get rewarded the Token when they play various games and can use it to access features in their zomfi ecosystem.


ZOMFI Token Features and Elements

  • Users will eventually be able to participate in in-game governance, contributing to proposing, adding, amending, or removing features while being rewarded for doing so;
  • Gaining access to the game ecosystem, its features, and functionalities, including exclusive events and tournaments;
  • Giving the ability to stake (or lock) for the stability of the tokens and being rewarded for this action;
  • Use the Token as an in-game currency for exclusive $Zomfi NFTs. Players, for example, can purchase NFT Weapons and Armor in-game from other players. Ability to setup/purchase Clans (guilds) in-game
  • You can use the Token to purchase the internal-only (not listable on outside secondary markets) reward tokens called ZEDS.
  • BSC Compatibility

What is ZOMFI Zed?

When completing the activities, Zed is the in-game currency you earn; some of its core features align below. There is no cap on how many tokens you can earn while playing the game.

Features of Zed

  • Used for Utilities
  • In-game activities: Players are awarded Zed for completing achievements.
  • Player Upgrade: Players can upgrade their inventory capacity.
  • Participate in game modes
  • Consumbales: Ammo, Medkits and grenades.
  • In-game storyline
  • Redeem to $ZOMFI (Tax 50% initial or 5% reduction per day with ten days in total)
  • -ZED will be burned when purchasing in-game items or services.

Zomfi Play to Earn Game Roadmap

Catch up with the game development and get an update on the Zomfi Project

Phase 1 – Q4 2021

  • Research
  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Social Media
  • Gameplay Trailer
  • Marketing Partnerships
  • IDO (BSC)
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Airdrop
  • Audit Contract
  • Listing on CMC & CoinGecko
  • Exchange listing
  • Staking $ZOMFI

Phase 2 – Q1 2022

  • Alpha release: PC demo
  • Community events & competitions
  • Crafting
  • Zomfi Pack Sale
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Partnership Collaborations

Phase 3 – Q2 2022

  • Game release – PC
  • Release Zed (In-game currency)
  • Cosmetics/skins
  • In-game shop
  • Achievement Rewards
  • Character Upgrade

Phase 4 – Q3 2022

  • Game Release: Mobile (Android, IOS)
  • Co-op for PVE
  • Clan system
  • Rankings

Phase 5 – Q4 2022

  • Multiplayer
    • Battle Royale​
    • Zombie Racing
    • 4v4
  • All tiers release
  • More Special Infected/Bosses

Marketing Strategy

It is not all about knowing the game, but how do they plan to dominate the market? Here is their marketing plan in quotes. We know how vital Marketing can impact the success of our project and therefore have created a strong game plan. All listed Marketing Activities will be funded by the Private Sale, effectively making our Play2Earn a more significant piece of the rewards. After the Token has been launched, Zomfi will launch all exchanges listed in phase 2 of the roadmap to increase traction and form a strong community – Zomfi.org.

Some of the ways they do plan to do their marketing are as follows

  • Listing CMC & Coingecko
  • Referral System
  • Twitter Influencer
  • YouTube Content Rewards Program
  • PooCoin Ads
  • Airdrop Contest
  • Articles and other Networks

What is the Opportunity Here for you?

Since this project hasn’t gone too far, now it is better to become an early adopter. 

I think the game hasn’t fully launched yet, and you will have to join their various social media channels if you wish to follow up. 

They have a pretty much large community with 14k followers on Twitter.


One of the ways you can benefit from them is by making sure you are following the project heads on. 

This isn’t just about the game; you can think long-term and get hired as their content creator.

On your own, go through the project and DYOR to get convinced. It is worth my time, so I am writing about them; I love FPS games.  

This could be the Metaverse version of Call of Duty and PUBG come 2022.

Make sure you read their T & C to ensure you are good to go.

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